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Behind Manas City, Indira Nagar Lucknow

An open door leading to a wooden patio, showcasing the fold n slide doors system by Smart Window Solution Industry in Lucknow.

Fold N Slide Door

The SWSI Fold N Slide Doors system is a top-notch choice for seamless integration into any architectural style and space. Crafted with precision using high-quality uPVC Window and Door profiles, this system stands out for its superior operating performance. The inclusion of reliable and secure hinge and locking systems ensures peace of mind. What sets it apart is the four-fold combination of solid design and expert engineering. The rollers facilitate a smooth glide, adding a touch of reliability to the doors’ movement. When it comes to the best Fold N Slide Doors system, SWSI takes the lead with its commitment to quality and functionality.

Lift N Slide Door

SWSI, the premier fenestration brand in the country, has redefined traditional sliding with its innovative Lift n Slide Doors. Catering to larger openings for unobstructed views, these doors bring a breath of fresh air to contemporary design. With a simple 180° rotation of the handle, the door effortlessly lifts off its seals, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. When it comes to the best Lift N Slide Door, SWSI stands out as a symbol of innovation and practicality, setting a new standard for fenestration excellence.

A sliding glass door opens to a patio area, showcasing a large glass window design by the smart window solution industry.
An elegant living room with a sizeable glass door, highlighting a wooden door adorned with a smart window solution industry's glass design.

TwinSash Door

SWSI TwinSash Doors redefines versatility with their ingenious design, featuring two independently operated door sashes. One sash opens outward for a mosquito screen, while the other opens inward for glazing. Ideal for diverse Indian settings, these doors offer flexibility, allowing a single sash with a mosquito screen or louvres on the second. Engineered with precision, utilizing SWSI’s dedicated door sashes and a range of locking devices, they ensure both security and convenience. The ultimate configuration includes an external mosquito screen and a high-performance double-glazing unit with integrated blinds. Explore the best in TwinSash innovation with SWSI.

Casement Door

Unlock the epitome of elegance and functionality with SWSI’s best Casement door design. Our doors seamlessly blend style and versatility, suitable for both opening-in and opening-out modes. Crafted for main entrances or as charming additions to corridors, patios, or balconies, these doors are available in 62 mm or 112 mm profile depths. Whether as stand-alone items or part of a larger screen with fan lights and/or side lights, our Casement doors redefine sophistication. For those seeking a wide, clear opening, our Double Casement Doors, also known as French doors, present an ideal alternative to traditional patio doors.  Experience the perfect synergy of aesthetic appeal and practicality with SWSI’s best Casement door design.

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