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Experience high-tech innovation for windows that optimize energy use and enable intelligent automation.

Behind Manas City, Indira Nagar Lucknow

Casement Window

Discover the SWSI Casement Window range, a pinnacle of flexibility and innovation. With profile depths of 42 mm and 62 mm, this system minimizes sections for maximum adaptability. Ideal for window replacement programs and diverse building types in the booming construction industry. SWSI sets the standard for the best casement window, offering a comprehensive solution with unmatched versatility.

Sliding Window

The SWSI Sliding Window range stands as a testament to unparalleled flexibility for both fabricators and clients. Crafted with precision and based on a diverse set of sections, this range redefines adaptability. From single sliding to multiple sliding openers, clip-on or integrated sections for fly screens, to a variety of section sizes catering to both small and large openings – SWSI offers a comprehensive solution. It emerges as the epitome of the best sliding window, presenting an ideal product range that seamlessly suits any window replacement program or building type within the rapidly advancing construction industry.

TwinSash Window by smart window solution industry - a spacious wooden window with glass panels.

TwinSash Window

The SWSI TwinSash Windows redefines flexibility for both fabricators and clients, setting a new standard for the best twin-sash window design. This innovative system allows the fusion of the traditional casement window with an inward-opening fly screen option, providing a unique blend of functionality. The design also incorporates features for enhanced security or privacy, including the option to integrate a security grill or blinds.

Vertical Slider Window

Discover the SWSI Vertical Slider Windows, a pinnacle of modern fenestration design. This innovative solution, based on the golden ratio of 1.161, seamlessly combines tradition and functionality. With a single opening sash for ventilation and emergency escape, it boasts a user-friendly operation using frame-specific spiral balances, eliminating the need for traditional weights and pulleys. This best vertical slider design adapts effortlessly to various aperture types, making it a versatile and space-efficient choice for contemporary spaces.

A vertical slider window in Lucknow by Smart Window Solution Industry, showcasing a breathtaking ocean view and a serene beach.
A wooden window showcasing a house and trees, designed by the smart window solution industry.

Tin N Turn Windows

Elevate your fenestration experience with SWSI Tilt N Turn Windows, a premier European window option meticulously crafted for fabricators and clients. Part of the EN62 range, these windows epitomize a state-of-the-art inward-opening solution, catering to the preferences of discerning end-users. The SWSI Tilt N Turn Windows offers unparalleled design freedom to clients, thanks to their capability to achieve larger opening sizes. Recognized as the best Tilt N Turn windows, this innovative design not only embraces European elegance but also sets a new standard for contemporary fenestration solutions, meeting the demands of modern architectural preferences.

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